Psychology 9040a: Scientific Computing with MATLAB

Fall Term 2019

We meet twice a week:

Our first class will be Tuesday September 10, 2019.

Hints & sample solutions: hints and code


Day Date Topic Exercises / Challenges Assignment Due
Tue Sep 10 introduction - -
Thurs Sep 12 MATLAB intro    
Tue Sep 17 Basic data types, operators & expressions demo_overflow.m, floating point numbers  
Thurs Sep 19 programming exercises   practice 1
Tue Sep 24 Control flow fizzbuzz, primes, pe007  
Thurs Sep 26 programming exercises pe001, pe002, pe006, aoc201501 practice 2
Tue Oct 1 Complex data types   A01
Thurs Oct 3 Paul away—Dimitri tutorial aoc201502  
Tue Oct 8 Functions   A02
Tue Oct 15 programming exercises   A03
Thurs Oct 10 programming exercises    
Thurs Oct 17 programming exercises pe037  
Tue Oct 22 no class—SFN meeting Chicago   midterm_exam
Thurs Oct 24 programming exercises aoc201504, pe059  
Tue Oct 29 A04 hints, MATLAB graphics   A04
Thurs Oct 31 MATLAB graphics    
Tue Nov 5 no class—fall reading week read notes on signals & sampling A05
Thurs Nov 7 no class—fall reading week    
Tue Nov 12 Signals, Sampling & Filtering signals_slides signals_notes A06
Thurs Nov 14   PLGlowpass.m PLGhighpass.m PLGbandpass.m PLGbandstop.m fft_plus.m  
Tue Nov 19   Signals Lab  
Thurs Nov 21   signals_hints.m A07
Tue Nov 26 Paul away—Dimitri tutorial    
Thurs Nov 28 Optimization global optimization demo A08
Tue Dec 3 Optimization MATLAB exercises    
Thurs Dec 5 optional Q&A, work on assignments   A09
  • There is no assignment 10 since we ran out of time.
  • The final exam is due Dec 23

In-class coding demos

Sep 26

Nov 21

Dec 10