Psychology 9040a: Scientific Computing with MATLAB

Fall Term 2019

We meet twice a week:

Our first class will be Tuesday September 10, 2019.

Hints & sample solutions: hints and code


Day Date Topic Exercises / Challenges Assignment Due
Tue Sep 10 introduction - -
Thurs Sep 12 MATLAB intro    
Tue Sep 17 Basic data types, operators & expressions demo_overflow.m  
Thurs Sep 19 programming exercises   practice 1
Tue Sep 24 Control flow fizzbuzz, primes, pe007  
Thurs Sep 26 programming exercises pe001, pe002, pe006, aoc201501 practice 2
Tue Oct 1 Complex data types   A01
Thurs Oct 3 Paul away—Dimitri tutorial aoc201502  
Tue Oct 8 Functions   A02
Thurs Oct 10   pe059  
Tue Oct 15     A03
Thurs Oct 17   pe037  
Tue Oct 22 no class—SFN   midterm exam
Thurs Oct 24   aoc201504  
Tue Oct 29     A04
Thurs Oct 31      
Tue Nov 5 reading week   A05
Thurs Nov 7 reading week    
Tue Nov 12     A06
Thurs Nov 14      
Tue Nov 19     A07
Thurs Nov 21      
Tue Nov 26 no class—Paul at CIHR   A08
Thurs Nov 28      
Tue Dec 3     A09
Thurs Dec 5 final class of the term    
  • A10 is due Dec 10
  • the final exam is due Dec 17