Lab Rooms

Room Reservations

Lab rooms are booked using an online Resource Booking System: Log in using your Western credentials. If you have problems logging in, please contact Haitao Yang ([email protected]).

Lab Upkeep

It is our shared responsibility to keep our lab rooms tidy, organized, clean, and safe for ourselves and our experimental participants.

Please keep computer/equipment/cables off of the floor.

Please put items to be disposed of in the recycling or trash bins.

Tidy up before leaving the lab for the day including powering down lab equipment.

Please tell Paul right away if a piece of equipment is damaged or is not functioning properly, so that we can get it working again.


For urgent matters or emergencies related to facilities (e.g. a water leak) please contact me and/or Florence, Denise, or Haitao right away.

If there is smoke or a fire, leave the building, pull a fire alarm if you pass one on the way out, and phone 911 immediately.

If there is a medical emergency, phone 911 immediately.

If you are concerned that some kind of serious security incident is occurring, leave the area first and then and phone 911 immediately.