My Feedback to You

I will try my best to provide feedback to you quickly—feedback about manuscript drafts, abstracts, presentations, data analyses, etc. I’m always happy to help out when you are having difficulties with your work but do remember that part of your training is to work through these kinds of challenges. Do come to me after you’ve made a solid attempt at a solution, and we can work through it together.

My goal is to get you feedback on short documents within 1-3 days. Short documents are things like Abstracts, or a single section of a manuscript (e.g. an Introduction section). For long documents (an entire manuscript, or an entire presentation) my goal is 1-2 weeks. Typically I am fast with providing feedback.

While you’re waiting for feedback, don’t stop working on your document! When you have new thoughts or time to work on your document again, feel free to tell me you’re going to make some more changes and send me a new version.