Conference Travel

Travel to conferences is dependent from year to year on our lab budget. Generally our model is, you should present a poster or give a talk if you are attending a meeting. If budget permits, our standard model is that everyone goes to SFN and to NCM each year. If there is another meeting or meetings that you would like to attend, you should be presenting your work, and you’ll need to ask me if the lab budget permits it. If the lab budget gets tight, we may have to restrict travel to 1 meeting per year, and/or only when you are presenting a poster or giving a talk (as first author).

Conference Abstracts

IMPORTANT: You will need to show me your draft abstracts, posters, etc, well in advance of the conference deadline, as typically we will require several edits before they are ready to submit. I would like to see your final draft at least one week before the conference deadline so that we have a chance to edit it together.

Conference Talks

For talks, you should have a complete talk prepared at least two weeks before the meeting (if not more), so that you can give one or more practice talks to our lab group, and make adjustements in advance of the meeting.