Scientific Computing with MATLAB



Advent Of Code 2016

For a fun series of programming challenges, try Advent Of Code 2016, a set of two general programming challenges each day from Dec 1 to Dec 25.

Installing MATLAB

We have a campus-wide site license at Western for MATLAB. For installation and activation instructions see this page.



what follows is a tentative schedule, we will talk about topics & pacing on the first day of class

Day Date Topic Assignments
Wed Sep 14 introduction to the course; installing MATLAB; digital representation of data
Mon Sep 19 basic data types, operators & expressions; exercises A01.pdf
Wed Sep 21 complex data types; control flow
Mon Sep 26 exercises: FizzBuzz; solutions: fizzbuzz.m, fizzbuzz2.m, fizzbuzz3.m
Wed Sep 28 no class—Paul away
Mon Oct 3 functions
Wed Oct 5 exercises; is_it_prime.m
Mon Oct 10 no class—Thanksgiving
Wed Oct 12 input & output | A01_sol.m
Mon Oct 17 debugging, profiling & speedy code | fib.m, fibR.m, speedy_preallocation.m, speedy_vectorized.m A02.pdf
Wed Oct 19 exercises | sqrtN.m, sqrtnN2.m
Mon Oct 24 parallel programming | e38.m, parallel_example.m
Wed Oct 26 exercises
Mon Oct 31 data plotting & graphics | graphical_displays_of_data.m
Wed Nov 2 exercises
Mon Nov 7 signals, sampling & filtering A03.pdf
Wed Nov 9 exercises
Mon Nov 14 no class—Society for Neuroscience Meeting
Wed Nov 16 no class—Society for Neuroscience Meeting
Mon Nov 21 basic statistical tests in MATLAB A04.pdf
Wed Nov 23 optimization & gradient descent | Simulated Annealing image demo | another Simulated Annealing image demo with source code (in C) A05.pdf
Mon Nov 28 exercises
Wed Nov 30 integrating ODEs & simulating dynamical systems A06.pdf
Mon Dec 5 exercises